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4 Causes of Prison Violence

You’ve probably heard about violence in prisons specially in Pennsylvania Federal Prisons. Some of these inmate fights even lead to death. We don’t intend to scare you, but as an incarcerated, you need to be able to identify some of the red flags of violence in the system. Here are some of the causes of violence in prisons

Drugs and Drug Abuse

A prison is a drug-free zone. However, the incarcerated find a way of sneaking in drugs into the prison. Now, there’s no telling that people under the influence of drugs tend to have poor judgment, thus they provoke fights inside the system.

Poor Management

We live in a corrupt society, and as such, some of the prison wardens may be bribed to close an eye on some activities in the system. See, some of the inmates may have grudges with others and, thus, want to take a ‘step.’ This shouldn’t scare you, though. If you work with a prison consultant, you will be well prepared for what to do when such cases occur.


Well, we all agree that prison isn’t the best place to be, right?

As an incarcerated, it helps when you accept this new reality. But some members just don’t come to terms with this fact, and therefore, deal with this frustration by being violent.

In House Disputes

When people live together, there tends to be some form of disagreements. Now, different people deal with disputes differently. There those who calmly talk things out, those that isolate themselves from others, and then there those that result in violence. This is the case even in federal prisons.
As an incarcerated, you will probably encounter violence in Pennsylvania Federal Prisons, but it helps when you know some of the causes and red flags, so you are prepared.