4 Important Reasons to Hire a Social Security Lawyer

by | Aug 23, 2019 | Law Firm

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In an ideal world, you work 40 or 45 years and retire with a pension and ample Social Security benefits. However, you can get sick or injured at some point in your life and need disability benefits. That’s where an experienced Social Security lawyer can help you. Here’s how.

Familiar with Procedures

An experienced Social Security lawyer in Kansas City is familiar with all facets of disability cases. He knows what types of medical conditions qualify for disability and what it takes to prove that you have a veritable disability. Your lawyer is also familiar with certain judges and the questions they’ll ask because he spends a lot of time in court.

Fees Contingent on Winning

When you hire a Social Security lawyer, you don’t have to pay him upfront. Instead, you’ll pay him only if you win your case. When you do win, your law firm will receive a percentage of the back pay you’re awarded.

Help with Filing

If you don’t fill out the lengthy disability application form correctly, you risk getting your case disqualified. Your Social Security attorney in Kansas City will better ensure you fill the application out accurately because he’ll complete it with you. He’ll then send it to the Social Security representative who processes these types of claims.

Enhance Chances of Winning

You have a much better chance of getting disability benefits through a Social Security lawyer than trying to win your case on your own. For example, your Kansas City attorney may use medical records to counter arguments made by a vocational expert. This person is appointed by the court to describe certain jobs you could still perform with your condition. However, your attorney will have the last word in proving you can’t perform any of the jobs.

An experienced disability lawyer can better help you endure the lengthy process of trying to win your disability case. He can even relate similar experiences where he helped people win disability benefits.

For more than 12 years, Grundy Disability Group LLC has been helping Kansas City residents win Social Security disability benefits. To learn more about how Grundy Disability Group LLC can help you, visit their website.

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