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5 Steps for Starting Your Own Business in Cortland

Starting a business on your own these days is easy. You have a ton of online resources to help you get your company up and running in no time. Here’s what you need to do to get your business off the ground:

Step 1. Develop Your Business Idea

Every business starts with a great plan. Refine yours until it’s a viable business model. Once you know the business is worth it, you can start making your plans come true.

Step 2. Do Your Taxes

If there’s one thing all business owners fear, it’s the IRS. Make sure that your taxes are in order. You’ll need to hire a financial officer or accountant to help you take care of your books and make sure that your taxes are paid.

Step 3. Hire Employees

You’ll need to hire at least one person to help you out. If you don’t, you’ll find all your waking hours consumed by the business. Running yourself to the ground until you’re completely exhausted isn’t the right way to run a business.

Step 4. Hire A Lawyer

You’ll need to keep your business protected, especially against possible legal actions in the future. That’s foresight. You’re looking ahead, and you want to be prepared for anything. That’s why hiring a business lawyer in Cortland like John Grundy can help. From drawing up contracts and ensuring that you, your employees, and your customers are happy, to protecting your assets in any legal cases, a business lawyer can help you deal with liabilities and confusing tax laws.

Step 5. Build Your Brand

Once you have your legal bases covered, it’s time to focus your attention on marketing your brand, service, or product. Put up a site and build online traffic to boost your market reach. The greater your market reach is, the more customers and sales you’ll have.