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A Columbus, Ohio Work Injury Attorney Represents Independent Contractors

Employees injured on the job typically cannot sue the employer or pursue a settlement from the organization’s insurer. Workers’ compensation covers most of these incidents. Independent contractors, in contrast, do not qualify for workers’ comp because they are not employees. They benefit from hiring a workplace injury attorney in Columbus, Ohio, from helping them obtain sufficient financial compensation.

Construction Workers

Construction workers are at significant risk of being injured, and they also commonly are independent contractors. To successfully negotiate a settlement, a workplace injury attorney in Columbus, Ohio, must prove the incident was not the contractor’s fault. This is not required for workers’ compensation claims. That benefits system generally pays even if the injured person was responsible for what happened.

Questionable Orders

For example, a construction company supervisor may have issued questionable orders or told workers not to bother with the safety equipment. Some companies routinely violate standards set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). They don’t provide proper safety gear to avoid paying the extra money. Even when the equipment is provided, some supervisors discourage using it because doing so requires additional time.

Defective Equipment

In other cases, the injury was caused by defective equipment. The lawyer might file a claim against the manufacturer if this was an original defect. If the malfunction occurred due to a lack of maintenance or necessary repair, the construction company is responsible.

The injured worker benefits from hiring an attorney to negotiate a settlement. Anyone interested in a free consultation must visit The Donahey Law Firm.