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A Guide to Hiring a Civil Lawyer in Chico CA

A Civil Lawyer in Chico CA is sometimes referred to as a litigator, and they are hired to defend or pursue lawsuits in civil court. These lawsuits can arise in multiple areas of law, and they typically concern the recovery of assets. Attorneys work in a variety of areas, such as employment law, immigration law, landlord/tenant law and much more.

When to Call a Civil Lawyer

It is possible to sue or be sued under almost any non-criminal law theory. When someone believes they’ve been financially wronged, they can hire a civil lawyer to determine the merits of the case. A person facing a lawsuit should call an attorney to determine the appropriate steps to take, as delaying a response to the suit can have adverse effects on the defense.

What’s to be Expected From a Civil Lawyer

Once a client retains a Civil Lawyer in Chico CA, the attorney handles most parts of the lawsuit. For instance, the lawyer will:

   *   Interview the client and other parties to build a case

   *   Conduct and prepare for depositions

   *   Handle correspondence with the court and the other party’s legal team

   *   File briefs, motions and other court documents

   *   Serve requests during the discovery phase

   *   Hire industry witnesses

   *   Negotiate with the other party’s lawyers

   *   Present the case in court

Clients should remember that they retain control over the lawsuit, but they should strongly consider deferring to the lawyer’s judgment in legal matters.

The Cost of Hiring a Civil Lawyer

The cost of representation depends on the area of law, the attorney’s experience, the complexity of the case and the time spent on the defense. If an attorney takes a case on a contingency fee basis, they get roughly 30% of the client’s recovery. Alternatively, some attorneys charge a flat or hourly fee for civil cases.

Is it Necessary to Hire a Civil Attorney?

If a person needs to file a civil suit, they should consider hiring legal counsel. A civil lawyer can help a plaintiff navigate the court system and ensure that no mistakes are made. Attorneys with the Law Office Of Raoul J LeClerc can consider the case and help the client determine the chances of success. For those facing a lawsuit, hiring an attorney can help ensure a timely response to the other party.