A Guide to Social Security Disability Insurance

by | Feb 14, 2019 | Attorneys, Lawyers

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The Social Security Administration has various federally-funded programs to help those in need; SSDI or Social Security disability insurance is one of them. Not everyone is eligible, but those who are can receive benefits that help them with daily expenses. If you are disabled, read on to find out how SSDI can help.

Who is Eligible?

Only those who are disabled and have worked for a certain time can get SSDI. The required work history depends on your age and the length of your disability. For instance, a 30-year-old would have to work at least two years, while a 50-year-old must have worked for a minimum of seven years. In these cases, a disability is a medical condition that keeps you from working, will last for at least a year, or will end in death. The SSA’s strict criteria often delay cases, but a Social Security attorney near Evanston may be able to speed things along.

The Benefits of SSDI

The benefits to which you’re entitled to depend on the length of your work history and your pre-disability earnings. The average monthly benefit is $1000-$1200, although those who’ve paid higher payroll taxes may get more. Not only do SSDI benefits help support your family now, but they also provide future assistance. Along with monetary benefits, those who get SSDI for at least two years will become Medicare-eligible.

Don’t File Your Claim Alone; Ask for Legal Advice

If you think that you’re eligible for SSDI, a Social Security attorney near Evanston can help you file with the SSA. Our skilled lawyers help you determine your eligibility and they’ll use their legal knowledge to help you represent your case in the best way possible. Call Jeffrey A. Rabin & Associates, Ltd. to schedule a consultation or visit RabinssLaw.com to learn more about the SSDI application process.

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