A Personal Injury Law Service Considers Accident Cases in Which a Passenger May Have Been Responsible

by | Aug 26, 2016 | Personal Injury Lawyer

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Attorneys with a Personal Injury Law Service have heard about a broad range of scenarios, some of which are rather unusual. For instance, they may one day be approached by someone who injured when the car he or she was driving was struck by another vehicle. The other driver’s insurance company may be disputing the claim because a passenger appears to be the actual cause of the accident. This type of case can be very complex. The attorneys must read through the insurance policy with a fine-tooth comb and then attempt to negotiate a fair settlement. The injured person might consider trying to negotiate with the insurer alone, but since this person probably has little knowledge of relevant state laws, this typically is inadvisable.

How can a passenger cause an accident? Attorneys with a Personal Injury Law Service can probably find case histories on file of numerous incidents. A rider in the front seat might grab the wheel or open the side door, for example. The passenger might shove the driver or intentionally spill something on that side of the car.

This is a different situation than one in which the person behind the wheel is directly responsible for the behavior of the passenger. A minor child causing a serious distraction could lead to a vehicle collision, and an insurer would probably have difficulty avoiding paying the claim. Whether or not a driver is liable for the behavior of an adult passenger may be an issue the insurer strongly considers. Relevant state laws must be reviewed by attorneys such as Daniel and Fontaine LLC. The driver might be considered responsible if he or she did not react in an effective manner, such as pulling the vehicle over to the side of the road. Of course, this isn’t always possible.

It’s possible the passenger may legally be determined as the responsible party and not the driver. In that case, the circumstances become even more complicated. The individual wasn’t driving, so automotive insurance won’t cover the injury expenses. The injured person may only be able to obtain compensation by filing a personal lawsuit, and the individual must have enough assets to make a lawsuit worthwhile. You can also follow them on Twitter for regular updates.

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