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All About Hiring A Veterans Affairs Attorney in Port St. Lucie FL

Having to apply for benefits through the Department of Veterans Affairs can be a long and arduous task. There are many complicated forms to fill out because if these are not completed properly, it can send the applicant back to square one. It may seem like overkill to hire a Veterans Affairs Attorney in Port St. Lucie FL to help guide one through the maze of bureaucratic red tape, but it can actually be very beneficial. An attorney cannot speed up the process of decision-making on the part of the Department of Veterans Affairs, but they can help make sure the claimant is getting all to which they are entitled.

A Veterans Affairs Attorney in Port St. Lucie FL becomes especially necessary if the claimant is denied disability benefits. This is when an experienced firm such as Matheson Horowitz & Devonmille can help the claimant fight for their right to be fairly compensated and receive the benefits that they earned by serving their country in its time of need. There is a website that acts as an online directory for the National Organization of Veterans Advocates which lists all attorneys that practice in this area. Attorneys listed on this website are required to participate in annual training sessions concerning veterans benefits. This means they are always fully aware of any changes in statutes and laws regarding receipt and qualifications for receiving benefits.

As far as fees, attorneys are required by law to charge between 20 percent to 33.5 percent in cases that involve denial of veterans benefits. The attorney can only be paid if the denial is struck down and the claimant is subsequently awarded the benefits for which they had originally filed. In cases that involve upgrades of discharge, attorneys are permitted to charge whatever they feel is fair, and they are permitted to collect this fee upfront. These fees will obviously vary from attorney to attorney, so it will be necessary to contact them in advance to find out what the fees amount to. While attorneys are not legally necessary to file for benefits, it is clearly in the best interests of the claimant to hire a firm such as Matheson, Horowitz & Devonmille to aid them in their quest.