An Agency Providing Bail Bonds in Homosassa Springs Is Available to Help With Pre-Trial Release

by | Mar 28, 2019 | Bail Bonds

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Many men and women who are accused of criminal offenses go on to be cleared of any criminal activity. This may occur if the prosecution drops charges before filing them, or if the prosecutor or judge dismisses the case after charges are filed. It also can happen if the defendant is found not guilty at trial. Agencies providing Bail Bonds in Homosassa Springs believe that defendants should not have to wait behind bars if they have not been convicted of a crime.

Relevant Statistics

Statistics show that about 75 percent of men and women being detained in a county jail before trial are charged with nonviolent crimes. Usually those offenses are assigned lower bail amounts than amounts for violent offenses. Examples include property vandalism, disorderly conduct, theft of a street sign and possession of cocaine for personal use.

This is one sign of a troubling problem: most people in pre-trial incarceration cannot afford even relatively low bail, such as $5,000. If they live in a state that does not have bail bonds agencies, they may have no choice but to remain in jail.

Securing a Bond for Release

In Florida, defendants can pay a fee for Bail Bonds in Homosassa Springs and secure their release. The agencies are licensed by the state and have to follow all regulations. Family owned and operated bail bonds services are respectful to their customers, wanting to assist them maintain their right to freedom before conviction. The applicants should not hesitate to ask any questions about bail, bonds and the entire process.

Monitoring of Defendants

The agency is likely to monitor the defendant to a certain extent to prevent the possibility this person will fail to appear at scheduled court hearings or trial. A representative may routinely call the defendant and may even insist on driving this person to court as scheduled.

A Centuries-Old System

The U.S. bail system has its roots in English law, and the concept was brought along by early settlers. Thus, it is centuries old and could use some major adjustments. In the meantime, organizations like Zona Long Bail Bonds are available to help.

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