An Injury Lawyer in New London CT Can Help Clients Decide Whether to Settle or go to Trial

by | Oct 18, 2016 | Personal Injury

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If a person is in an accident where they suffer multiple injuries, they may want compensation right away, and they may be tempted to settle before filing a claim. However, settling early may not be the best option in every case. At, an Injury Lawyer in New London CT can help clients understand the pros and cons of settlement vs. taking the case to court, and they can help the client determine the right option for his or her specific circumstances.

What are the Advantages of Settlement?

In some cases, accepting a settlement is the best option. The list below explains why:

  *      It allows the victim to gain compensation faster

  *      Avoidance of high lawyer’s fees

  *      The client is not required to attend multiple hearings at a significant cost

  *      It helps injured clients avoid unpredictable jury verdicts

When a victim settles with an at-fault party, they are guaranteed to receive some level of compensation. Taking the case to trial involves an element of risk, and results can vary. Because there is no way to guarantee a good verdict, many victims choose settlement rather than the risk of a trial.

Pursuing a Settlement

To pursue a settlement, the client must submit a demand letter. These letters are the standard way to inform the at-fault party that a personal injury claim will be filed, and their purpose is to dissuade the other party from fighting the claim. It takes a substantial amount of preparation to write a successful demand letter. First, the client and his or her attorney must gather evidence of the other party’s liability. The letter, when drafted, should include dates relevant to the injury, doctor’s appointments and missed work days. Demand letters should include a description of funds spent on medical care, and they should be mailed to the defendant, his or her lawyer, and the insurer.

When It’s Appropriate to go to Trial

If the demand letter is unsuccessful and the other side refuses to offer just compensation, settlement may not be possible. If this applies, the client and his or her attorney should be prepared to take the case to court. Stephen M. Reck can help clients decide on the appropriate course of action. Personal injury cases are a timely endeavor, and potential clients should hire an Injury Lawyer in New London CT as soon as possible to preserve their legal rights and remedies.

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