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Appointing A Health Care Agent For Medical Powers Of Attorney, Orange County, NY

Among the most important documents that someone can sign are Medical Powers Of Attorney Orange County NY. Most people have firm opinions as to what sort of medical care they would wish to receive if they were incapacitated and unable to express their wishes. It’s impossible to predict when such medical directives might be needed, but it gives a sense of peace to know that a trusted person understands the preferred type of medical treatment and will see that this is done.

Medical Powers Of Attorney Orange County NY can become important for a wide variety of reasons when someone is ill or injured, and unable to communicate. Medical directives are especially important when someone is terminally ill or in a coma with no hope of recovery. Anyone who would not want to be kept indefinitely on life support needs a designated health care agent who can see that one’s wishes are carried out.

Choosing a Health Care Agent

Choosing the right person to be someone’s health care agent is one of the most important decisions that someone can make. This person will have the authority to literally make life or death decisions. It can be wise to also designate a backup agent in case the first person was unavailable when needed.

There are a number of factors to consider when selecting a health care agent.

* Is this person completely trusted and willing to assume this responsibility?

* Is the agent strong enough to withstand criticism? The agent might have to make a tough call when others vehemently disagree with their decision. A strong advocate is needed.

* Talk to the agent about what would be preferred in various situations.

* The agent should live nearby and be able to travel.

Who Not to Choose as a Health Care Agent

* Do not choose anyone connected to any of your current health care providers or residential care facilities.

* Do not choose any professional who would be determining if you are capable of making your own decisions.

* Do not choose your guardian or someone already acting as a health care agent for multiple people.

There are various forms for medical directives in addition to a Medical Power of Attorney, including a living will, a health care proxy and medical instructions. Discuss this with an experienced attorney. Mark Aberasturi is an Elder Law and Estate attorney in Goshen, NY who focuses his legal practice in these areas.