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What To Ask A Truck Accident Attorney

Hiring an attorney is really a process of interviewing potential lawyers to be your legal representative. Of course, the attorney will also review the case to ensure that he or she is qualified to represent you in your case.

Finding the right truck accident attorney is more complicated than just choosing a name of an attorney or a law firm. It is important that you feel confident, comfortable and have a sense of trust in the professionalism and experience of the attorney you hire.

The best way to do this is to ask a series of questions to your truck accident attorney. Top professionals with years of experience often provide this information to people during the initial case review. This case review should be done at no charge to you, allowing for both the attorney and the potential client to make sure they are the right fit for the case.

Check on Professional Status

Asking an attorney about his or her professional experience and background in representing truck accident clients is a critical question. Some attorneys specialize in these big rig accidents while others are more general car accident attorneys.

It is also advantageous to have a specialist as your truck accident attorney. They know what to look for, what records and data to obtain from the trucking company and the specific safety and driver regulations that are in place.

Case Issues

The attorney should provide you with an assessment of your case including the strengths and areas of potential challenge or weakness. Be very careful to ask for the weaknesses and not just listen to the strengths and possible settlement outcomes.

It will also be important to verify with the attorney if he or she will personally be handling your case. In some law firms, clients will not have ready access to the attorney but rather will be working more directly with paralegals and staff.