The Auto Injury Attorney in Everett MA Will Help You Get a Larger Settlement

by | Apr 14, 2017 | Accident Lawyer

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Dealing with the injuries that are left behind after a serious accident can be stressful. Seeking medical treatments and attempting to recover can often be impeded by the stress caused by dealing with the insurance company. With the help of an Auto Injury Attorney in Everett MA, injured victims can overcome the obstacles that would prevent them from being able to settle fairly.

Through research carried out by the Insurance Research Council, it has been revealed those who have an attorney representing them are able to settle for 40% more than those who attempt their compensation pursuit alone. Going through the process alone can prevent a person from properly protecting their rights. When an attorney takes over, they protect the rights of their client so a fair outcome can be achieved.

Many injured victims think they are limiting themselves when they hire an Auto Injury Attorney in Everett MA. It is important individuals realize just because they hire an attorney does not mean they are forced into one method of settlement. Going to court does not have to be the only option when it comes to a settlement with an attorney.

The attorney can pursue the insurance company through the typical settlement process and may schedule mediation or arbitration meetings to settle. If court becomes the only option for a settlement, it is vital a victim is represented by an attorney so the process will be easier to go through.

The reason attorneys are able to get their clients larger settlements is because the insurance companies know the attorney is there to protect the rights of their client and will not allow them to settle for less than they deserve. They also know there is a greater threat of being sued when an attorney is representing a client.

If you are dealing with an auto accident and need legal help, visit us. They are the legal team you can rely on to make sure your case is settled as fairly as possible. Call them today and they will be happy to schedule your appointment so you can learn more about your options and what needs to be done to settle your claim.

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