Bail Bond In Milford CT Can Free A Friend Or Family Member

by | Dec 4, 2018 | Bail Bonds Service

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Trying to free a friend or a family member from jail after an arrest can be frustrating if someone does not know where to turn. A bail bond in Milford CT understands the process of freeing an individual from the jail and can help an individual through the process. The type and amount of bail will determine if a bail bond will be able to help.

A bail bond is open 24-hours a day, seven days a week. They are aware that an individual is not arrested during normal office hours and will travel to the jail to pay the bond and free an individual. A friend or family member will have to pick the individual up once they are freed.

What Is A Bail Bond

A bail bond has a bondsman and it is a three-party contract among the courts. A bail bond guarantees the arrested individual will be present for all of their court appearances when they are released.

Type Of Bond

A common type of bond is to pay a surety bond to the court. There are other options available to an individual, such as a real estate bond. This type of bond will be promised by the court.


There is a fee to use a bail bond in Milford CT. The fee is minimal versus leaving a friend or family member locked in jail. The fee is earned when the bond is posted and is not refundable. The bond fee can also be paid in installments when a payment schedule is established.

Unable To Travel To The Bail Bond Office

If an individual is unable to travel to a bail bond office, a bondsman will provide in-home service. There is no additional fee for this service. Even if an individual is embarrassed or ashamed to show up at a bail bond office, they will still travel to home.

Visit Business Name offers outstanding service in Milford CT. They have years of experience providing bond service, private investigation, notary public services, and much more. They will notify the accused and the individual who posted the bond of all of the court hearings so they are not missed.

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