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Before Applying For Workers’ Compensation In Iowa

Coralville, Iowa was once a mill town. Workers made paper, ground flour and manufactured yarns, flannel and other fabrics. At such mills, the employees worked 6 days a week under harsh conditions. Some, such as six workers caught in the Close’s Paper Mill fire of 1875, died on the job. In the 19th century, Workers’ Compensation was a dream. No one in Coralville would not be able to hire Workers’ Compensation attorneys until the legislation was passed in the early 20th century.

Helping Out Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

Both then and now some employers will fight to prevent workers obtaining any type or level of compensation. This is one reason why it is essential to hire a Workers’ Comp attorney to help you win your case. However, in order to make the case proceed with greater ease, it is essential that you take certain steps. This will make it easier for workers’ compensation lawyers to prove your case.

Among the actions you need to take are the following:

  • Let your employer know about the accident: Iowa law states you must do so within 980 days of the occurrence of the injury. Failure to comply means you may not be able to pursue your claim
  • Get medical aid: No matter what you think about the severity of the injury, you must seek medical aid. It is another piece of evidence that will weigh in your favor. The documents can help support your claim
  • Do what the medical professionals say: If they schedule an appointment with you, make sure you arrive on time. Do not miss a single appointment even if it is with your physical therapists. Make sure you document all visits and obtain copies of prognosis and treatments. If you are on Workers’ Comp benefits, missing a single appointment could lead to their cancellation. This action is valid under Iowa law.
  • Get a second medical opinion: If the doctor selected by the Workers’ Compensation insurance carrier or employer states an opinion that is contrary to your own understanding of your ability or disability as provided by your own Coralville personal physician, you should seek a second opinion. The insurance carrier must bear the costs for this second diagnosis

All are ways you can help support your case for Workers’ Compensation in Coralville, Iowa.

Contact Workers Compensation Attorneys

Talk to a Workers Compensation attorney about your situation. They understand the system. They know how the carrier may not support your position or your claim. Experienced Workers’ Compensation attorneys at firms such as the Tom Riley Law Firm can provide you with the information, guidance and support you require to help you get better while obtaining the benefits you deserve under Iowa law.