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Being Caught With Marijuana Creates the Need for a Drug Possession Defense Lawyer in Junction City, KS

When someone has been charged with possession of marijuana, it’s important not to delay hiring a Drug Possession Defense Lawyer in Junction City KS. Kansas has not yet legalized marijuana, and being caught with the substance can result in serious consequences.

First Conviction Sentencing

Kansas does not take illegal drug possession lightly. The first conviction of marijuana possession in this state can result in a sentence of up to a full year in prison even though the offense is a misdemeanor. The maximum fine for this conviction is $2,500.

Even if the individual does not face jail time, conviction results in a permanent criminal record. This can interfere with the goal for certain types of employment or graduate school programs. Since criminal records are public, meaning landlords, employers and everyone else can view them.

Possession of Paraphernalia

To make matters worse, possession of paraphernalia associated with marijuana use may result in additional charges. The prosecution may even characterize a plastic bag holding the drug as a separate charge. Other types of paraphernalia might include rolling papers, a pipe, a bong, roach clips, sifters, and any other objects commonly connected with marijuana use.

Potential Consequences for Repeat Offenders

A Drug Possession Defense Lawyer in Junction City KS is imperative when someone has been caught with marijuana after having a previous conviction of this offense. This is a felony charge, with the minimum sentence 10 months behind bars. The lawyer challenges the prosecution’s evidence and the assumption that a harsh sentence is most appropriate. The charges may be reduced or, in some cases, even dropped.

Considerations About Kansas Marijuana Laws

As long ago as 2015, Kansas legislators were discussing the possibility of significantly reducing penalties for first-time marijuana possession, but the change has not yet been made. Even though the trend across the nation is to legalize marijuana or at least treat possession as a minor offense, Kansas has not caught up with this trend. Until this happens, a person who has been charged with these types of crimes needs legal representation by an organization such as Details on this particular organization can be viewed at. You can also watch video on their YouTube channel.