Benefits and Drawbacks of Hiring a Spousal Support Lawyer in South Bay, CA

by | May 9, 2018 | Lawyers

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Divorce can have a dramatic effect on the lower wage earning spouse’s standard of living. While they are married, the couple may be able to live in an exclusive community in a nice home. However, without a regular source of income, a divorced spouse who didn’t work during the marriage may end up in poverty. Fortunately, family courts have safeguards to protect spouses from this happening to them. A spousal support lawyer in South Bay, CA may help a client receive regular payments from their ex-husband or wife so they can support themselves after the divorce.

How Much Is at Stake

Spousal support is typically negotiated between the spouses or their lawyers before going in front of the judge. The income-earning spouse may offer spousal support in exchange for assets the other spouse may be entitled to. That could include business interest, real estate or other property that might be hard to sell to acquire much-needed cash. Divorcing spouses who have been offered financial support as part of the settlement should visit the website and get in touch with an experienced attorney before accepting an offer.

Why Spousal Support?

Although a client might be emotionally attached to a particular asset, a spousal support lawyer in South Bay, CA might advise them to take spousal support instead. Financial support may be ongoing, whereas an asset either sits on a shelf or depreciates over time. Even if the client sold the asset, the money they receive might not be enough to support them until they are self-sufficient. Spousal support, on the other hand, is often a monthly payment a person receives in addition to child support.

Spousal support typically ends when the spouse receiving the money remarries. If a client is in a new relationship and intends to remarry, Company Name. might advise them to take other assets instead of financial support. Those who plan to remain single could benefit most from spousal support. Having enough money to take care of basic needs may help a divorced spouse get back on their feet, learn new skills, and reenter the workforce.

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