Benefits Of Hiring A Disability Lawyer In Tulsa OK

by | Feb 26, 2018 | Legal Distribution

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When a person becomes too ill or if they are severely injured and they are unable to work, it can impact their life severely. With no money coming in, the individual won’t be able to pay their bills, buy food, and support themselves. The federal government offers Social Security Disability benefits to people who are unable to work. If a person is planning to apply for benefits, they should hire a Disability Lawyer in Tulsa OK first. There are several ways that a lawyer can help.

Many Applications Are Denied the First Time

According to the Social Security Administration, about 50 percent of disability claims each year are denied. Many of the applicants who are denied will file an appeal and many are awarded benefits during the hearing. The only problem with this is that the appeal process can take time. Since the individual doesn’t have any money coming in, time is a luxury they don’t have. If a person hires a lawyer, they will make sure that the individual’s application is complete, accurate, and that all of the necessary information is included.

Lawyers Have Experience

Lawyers who handle social security disability cases understand what is required for an application to be processed and approved. They understand the waiting period and the appeals process. If a person applies on their own, they will be walking into the unknown. It is better to work with someone who has been through the process before.

Most Lawyers Work on a Contingency-Fee Basis

When a person is unable to work and they have no income coming in, chances are they won’t have the money to hire a lawyer. Fortunately, most lawyers who handle social security disability cases work on a contingency-fee basis. This means that the individual would not need to pay the lawyer a retainer. If the lawyer cannot get the individual their benefits, they wouldn’t owe the lawyer anything. If they do get approved for benefits, they would pay the lawyer when they receive their first check.

If a person is unable to work, they are eligible for benefits. The best way to be sure that their application will be approved the first time is to hire a Disability Lawyer in Tulsa OK. For more information, visit

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