Bonding As Explained by a Child Custody Lawyer in Temecula

by | Nov 27, 2017 | Lawyers

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When parents end their relationship, it must be determined where their child or children will reside. One thing the courts take into consideration when making this determination is the emotional bonding that has taken place between the child and each parent. Many assume the bonding is directly linked to the amount of time each parent spent with the child, but the process is much more complex than this. A Child Custody Lawyer in Temecula explains what the court looks for at this time.

The Level of Bonding

Bonding is a process in which a child and their parent develop a relationship that is built on caring and attention. Some parents are present in the home, yet never bond with their children. Other parents, however, cannot reside with their child for some reason yet still bond with the child. Fortunately, parents who fall into the first category will find they can strengthen this bond with time. Other factors also play a role in the process, such as the age of the child and their maturity level.

Bonding in Action

Many fathers spend 50 or more hours away from home each week building their careers and supporting their families, while the mom serves as the stay-at-home parent in the family. As a result, the kids have a stronger bond with her. Is this the father’s fault? It’s not, and the court does look at the fact that his time away from home was the result of his taking responsibility for the family’s support. If the mom had gone to work, he might not have been gone so much.

Once the divorce goes through, the dad must adjust his schedule to spend more quality time with his offspring. It’s not the number of hours spent together. It’s the connection the he makes with his kids during this time that is important.

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