Can the Drunk Driving Defense Lawyers in Allen County IN Have the Charges Dismissed?

by | Jun 29, 2016 | Lawyers

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Whether a person drank too much and made the wrong decision to drive or they just had a few drinks and didn’t realize they were over the legal limit, there is a chance for them to be pulled over and arrested. It’s important for a person to understand their rights when they’re pulled over and to contact one of the drunk driving defense lawyers in Allen County IN as soon as possible for help. If they follow the advice of their lawyer, the lawyer may be able to have the charges dismissed for them.

The person should not talk to the police officer except to give them their name, address, and any other identifying information. They may answer questions about legally owned weapons in the vehicle so the officer knows the weapons are there. Other than this, they will want to request to remain silent until they have spoken with their lawyer. The person will want to comply with the officer’s directions and will not want to resist the arrest as this could lead to further charges being filed against them. As soon as possible, the person should contact their lawyer.

When the person contacts their lawyer, the lawyer will do everything possible to help them reduce or dismiss the charges. The lawyer will take a look at the reason the person was pulled over, the actions of the police officers involved, the results of the tests that were done, and the reliability of the tests. Then, the lawyer will determine if the case may be able to be dismissed or if the person can plead to a lesser charge. The lawyer will advise their client on how to proceed and what possible outcomes there may be for the case.

Just because a person is arrested and charged with a DUI doesn’t mean they’ll be convicted. The drunk driving defense lawyers in Allen County IN are able to take a look at their case and see what can be done to help the person avoid the serious penalties that come with a DUI conviction. To learn more about how a lawyer can help or to find a lawyer to handle your case, contact A Arrested Hotline today.

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