What Can Workplace Injury Lawyers in Cherry Hill, NJ Do for You?

by | Mar 20, 2017 | Lawyers

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Injuries sustained on the job, especially those that were caused due to clear hazards in the workplace, are generally regarded as the fault of the employer. While this may seem like a harsh statement to some, the law is clear, stating that an employer is responsible for taking all relevant measures to make the workplace as safe for employees can be. From time to time, your office might become the subject of a surprise evaluation or inspection by representatives from the US Department of Labor. Workplace injury lawyers in Cherry Hill, NJ can help you in many ways.
Here are some of the many things that they can do for you.

Getting Your Rights

If the employer fails to offer compensation for the time off that you had to take after the injury, your workplace injury lawyers can help you out. People work day and night for money and it’s something that you just can’t live without. You can talk to an experienced lawyer and get an idea about whether you deserve compensation or not. Reputable law firms such as Schatz & Steinberg, P.C. have helped many clients in the past get due compensation for injuries sustained on the on the job.

Making the Workplace Safer

If you constantly have to run the risk of an injury at your office’s premises, you can hire workplace injury lawyers to ask the employer to make the place safer. Workplace laws indicate that the employer is responsible for making sure that the place of business is safe and secure for employees. All kinds of risks must be eliminated; otherwise, the employer runs the risk of receiving a big fine from the relevant authorities.

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