A Case That Involves Family Law in Walker, MN Requires the Help of an Attorney

by | Mar 21, 2018 | Lawyers

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Facing a divorce, separation, custody dispute, domestic violence, or any other type of family law in Walker, MN case, it is highly recommended to hire an experienced attorney. Adoption, prenuptial agreements and child support are other areas of family law that require experienced legal help. The law can change without notice and something that a friend or the family member experienced might not be the same law today.

When an individual has an attorney guiding them through these difficult situations, it will make the case proceed smoothly. Although the attorney cannot control what a partner might attempt to do, they can keep their client focused on making sound legal decisions about their case. The attorney will also present their client in the best light possible at every court hearing.

Prenuptial Agreements

A prenuptial agreement is a legal document that can solve matters that involve alimony, assets and debts in the event the couple divorces. Some issues it can address is the division of expenses during the marriage, whether an inheritance or gift is considered part of the marital property, if a spouse is entitled to alimony, and so much more. An experienced family law attorney should design a prenuptial agreement.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is defined by an act against a family or household member. A family or household member includes a spouse, parents, children, an individual related by blood, a couple that is involved in a romantic or sexual relationship, individuals who have lived together, or individuals who have a child in common. Domestic abuse acts include:

* Terroristic threats
* Infliction of assault, bodily injury or physical harm
* Infliction of fear of imminent physical harm
* Interference with an emergency call

When an individual is a victim of domestic violence, they should contact an attorney who has experience with family law in Walker, MN. The attorney will help the individual obtain an Order for Protection that will prevent further harassment, restrict the abuser from contacting the victim, and will allow the police to arrest the respondent for a violation of the order.

If you are involved in a family law case, schedule a consultation with an experienced family law lawyer.

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