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Causes of Bed Sores and How They Become Legal Cases in New York

When you have an elderly relative in a nursing care facility, you trust that he or she will be well-cared for. What you don’t expect is for him or her to develop massive, potentially life-threatening bed sores. There are some common causes where bed sores are concerned, and some of these causes warrant a lawsuit in the state of New York. Before you consult with a NY bedsore attorney in Suffolk or another city and county in this state, see if the following applies to your elderly loved one.

Residents Are Left in Their Own Filth

When a resident is incontinent of bladder and/or bowel, and they are not taken care of and neglected, this creates a breakdown of the skin’s defensive layers. Immediately the body’s tissues react to the ammonia from urine and the bacteria from feces, creating tears and holes in the flesh. If left unattended frequently, residents develop bed sores. This is a form of neglect, and it is illegal. If you notice that your elderly relative is frequently left in unsanitary conditions, it could be the cause of his/her bed sores and you can sue.

Residents Are Handled Roughly

As you age, your skin becomes thinner and thinner. It loses collagen and elasticity. In the very old, it can tear like paper. Residents have to be gently moved, not roughly thrown, turned, or flopped. If residents are handled roughly, and you notice that a lot of your loved one’s peers in the care facility suffer skin tears, this may be the reason why.

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