When a Client May Need an Accident Injury Lawyer in Springboro, OH

by | Jul 2, 2018 | Lawyers

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A person who suffers an injury as a result of an accident that occurred might have a possible lawsuit if the accident was not the person’s fault. Such accidents lead to what is known as a personal injury lawsuit, and if the injured person is going to file a lawsuit, the laws in the state where the accident occurred must be understood. An accident injury lawyer in Springboro, OH understands these situations and advises clients on how to proceed. Here are some facts to understand about personal injury lawsuits in Ohio.

Understanding Personal Injury Law in Ohio

The first thing a potential client should be aware of is the statute of limitations for filing a personal injury lawsuit in Ohio, which is two years from the date of the accident and injury. If the injured party misses that deadline, the opportunity for the lawsuit to be heard will be probably gone, as well as the chance to be awarded damages. If the injury occurred because of an accident with a state agency, the rules shift a little bit, and the injured party should consult with an attorney.

More on Personal Injury Law in Ohio

Another fact that the injured party should look at is that Ohio employs a “modified comparative fault rule”, which means that any percentage the injured party is found at fault will be reduced from any damages awarded. If the injured party is found to be more than fifty percent at fault, no damages will be awarded in the lawsuit. It is important that the injured party does not allow this to happen, so hiring a competent attorney is the smartest thing to do.

Who to Call in Springboro, Ohio for Representation

Finding an attorney who has experience with personal injury law in Ohio will be something the injured party can research online. Business Name are attorneys in the Springboro, Ohio area who represent clients with personal injury issues. Anyone in need of an accident injury lawyer in Springboro, OH can contact these attorneys. Visit website Domain for more information.

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