College Students Charged with Possession Can Get Help from a Drug Attorney in Waxahachie, TX

by | Apr 30, 2018 | Lawyers

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Conviction of a drug-related crime in Texas can result in jail time and long-lasting consequences. If the person is a college student, a conviction may lead to expulsion from the school, making it difficult to be accepted into another institution for higher education. A drug attorney in Waxahachie, TX represents college students who attend schools in the area or who have been charged in another city and seek help from a lawyer near their hometown.

Violating the Student Conduct Code

Even if the student was caught with the drugs off campus, the offense is probably still a violation of the school’s student conduct code. Being expelled from one’s college or university is obviously upsetting, especially if the student is a junior or senior, or pursuing a higher degree. The individual has two situations to deal with: the criminal charge and the expulsion. A drug attorney in Waxahachie, TX represents the defendant in court and can also be present at any hearings at the school.

Expulsion, Suspension or Letter of Reprimand

Colleges and universities might expel a student if they are convicted of marijuana possession as a criminal offense, even though these charges are relatively common in the state. A suspension may be more likely in this case since the criminal charge is a lesser one than possession of substances viewed as more harmful, such as cocaine or opiates.

Still, that suspension can be very disruptive to a student’s academic pursuits. A full year might be required to make up for one semester if certain classes are only offered in the spring or fall. An attorney would encourage the school to issue a letter of reprimand instead of forcing the student to leave for any length of time.

Qualifying for a Diversion Program

Some defendants will qualify for a diversion program set up under state laws. An attorney with a firm such as Mallios & Associates PC can verify if the student qualifies and assist with the application for this program. Essentially, the person must have no prior criminal record and have been in possession of just a small amount of the contraband. Click here for more information on this particular organization.

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