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Common Misunderstandings Heard By A Jacksonville Child Support Lawyer

It today’s world of access to all types of information online, lawyers in Jacksonville, particularly those specializing in child support cases, often hear a lot of misinformation from confused clients.

In fact, many people fail to seek help from a child support lawyer due to incorrect information or a misinterpretation of the law. Speaking with a professional, established and experienced child support lawyer will clear up these misunderstandings and provide a clear, precise overview of the situation and your options.

Joint Parenting Equals No Child Support

It is common for a child support attorney to hear the myth that joint parenting time means there will be no need for child support payments. In fact, the courts in Jacksonville consider several factors when determining child support including address financial differences between the parents which may impact the care and support of the child or children.

Child Support Always Ends at 18

For most parents paying and receiving child support, the arrangement will automatically terminate when the child turns 18. There are cases where the support will continue, including if the child has a disability which prevents him or her from being able to self-supporting throughout life.

It is also possible for a parent to hire an attorney to collect child support owed, even if the child is over 18 and no longer living in the home.

Parents Receiving Child Support Have To Use It For The Children

Often parents paying child support, seek out a child support lawyer to report the other parent is not using the money directly on the child. There is no requirement in the family code in any state as to how the money can or cannot be spent by the receiving parent.

Rather than listen to potential misrepresentation of the law, talk to a child support attorney if you have any questions. This will avoid unnecessary conflict and provide you with the correct information on how to proceed.