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Criminal Intimidation: Definition and Punishment

In the Singapore justice system, intimidation is a serious offence particularly if the law defines it as criminal intimidation. The penalties for being found guilty of this particular offence can be very severe.


Criminal intimidation in Singapore is, at its simplest, any action involving a threat of harm. This may indicate physical damage to the body of an individual. It may also involve harm to the reputation or even property of that individual. In addition, a charge may result from threatening the physical entity or reputation of a person known by the targeted individual.

A simple threat is not sufficient to lay a charge of criminal intimidation. It must:

1. Trigger alarm
2. Coerce the individual to perform an unwillingly or illegal act and/or
3. Prevent the individual from performing a legal action

Even if considered empty threats by the instigator, they can result in prison time.


Under section 506 of the Singapore Penal Code, the penalties are severe. They involve fines and/or jail time. Depending upon the specifics, the punishment can range from imprisonment for two to four years. If death, fire or grievous hurt is included in the threat, the term may be as lengthy as 10 years. Alternatively, a hefty fine may be laid.

Criminal Intimidation

The Singapore Penal Code states that all forms of acts defined as criminal intimidation are arrestable offences. As a result, a police officer can arrest you without having a warrant. To help mitigate the potential for grave consequences, contact a criminal lawyer immediately.