The Current State of Tenant Protection

by | Sep 21, 2017 | Lawyers

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When you lease a residence in California, you do so with the expectation of possessing several rights, all of them meant to protect you and your well being. However, as of 2017, the rights of San Francisco tenants have been impacted in a major way. In the year 2015, San Francisco legislation attempted to push back against the Ellis Act, a recent law that harms tenants by giving landlords the right to evict them without following standard procedure. The law legislation sought to enact in its place was rejected by the Supreme Court. Keep reading to learn more about this rejected law and what this means for your rights as a tenant.

The Law That Could Have Been

In an attempt to protect San Francisco tenants, the city’s legislators attempted to push forth a law that affects tenants pushed out of their homes by landlords who, for any reason, are closing their rental properties and leaving the industry. Before leaving, these landlords would have to award their tenants with a settlement, which they could use to find a new property to rent. There’s no denying this law could have proved useful for tenants all over the city, many of which struggle to make ends meet.

What Happens Now?

Should you find yourself the victim of a wrongful eviction under any circumstances, you still have options as far as gaining the compensation you deserve. A Berkeley eviction lawyer can work with you by going over your rights, as well as your options as far as pursuing your case further. Together the two of you can devise a plan on how to help your case run smoothly and end in your favor.

The law is and should always be here to protect you. Get in touch with a Berkeley eviction lawyer today so you can fight for your rights as a tenant in San Francisco.

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