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Dealing With an Insurance Company With Assistance From an Automobile Accident Lawyer in Medford MA

People who have been hurt in a vehicle accident are often encouraged to consult with an injury attorney soon afterward. One reason for this encouragement is to prevent the individual from making any mistakes that could undermine the claim. An Automobile Accident Lawyer in Medford MA can answer questions during a free initial consultation and determine whether legal representation might be advisable.

No-Fault Insurance

Massachusetts is a no-fault state in regard to automotive insurance. This means that each driver in the accident receives compensation from his or her own insurance company, regardless of who caused the collision.

Avoiding Errors

By the time the injured person is able to call an Automobile Accident Lawyer in Medford MA, some mistakes may already have been made. The attorney can offer tips on which further actions to avoid and perhaps how to counteract the effect of earlier errors in the process of attempting to obtain reasonable compensation.

One example of a problematic action is for the policyholder to admit that he or she was doing something unsafe at the time of the collision. Admitting to speeding, reading a text on the phone or another unsafe behavior could result in a claim denial or the offer of a very low settlement.

Seeking Further Medical Treatment

The person may have sought medical treatment immediately after the accident and now expects those bills to be paid. If he or she needs additional treatment, this person should not hesitate to schedule the appointment, even if the insurer has not yet made a decision.

If the claims process proves too difficult and the insurer is uncooperative, the individual may want to hire the lawyer he or she spoke with previously. An attorney from an organization such as the Law Offices of Burton J. Hass will evaluate the case again at that time. Before the two agree to work together, it’s essential to know the amount of compensation the policyholder should reasonably expect. Because the individual would have to pay legal fees for professional representation, sometimes it’s better to simply accept an amount that is a bit lower than expected, even though that can feel very frustrating. Click here for information on this particular organization. You can also visit them on Facebook.