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Different Cases Handled By a Family Law Attorney in Bolingbrook

Family law encompasses many different areas. Although some of the areas can get a little personal and you hope that you can resolve whatever issue is happening on your own, sometimes an attorney needs to be brought into the mix. Many Bolingbrook family lawyers are waiting to lend their services to your case.


This is very common. When a married couple decides that it just is not working out any longer, they will need a separation. Occasionally, all the issues associated with a divorce can be resolved by the two spouses. Other times, particularly when emotions are running high or when abuse has taken place, an attorney will need to be hired. A lawyer can guide you through the process so that your divorce can be finalized as soon as possible. You will also see that there are many little details that need to get sorted out that you may not have thought of otherwise.

Child Support and Custody

This is usually related to divorce proceedings. However, if two people share a child together but were never married, then they too will need to determine custody. A variety of options are available including sole or joint custody. If one partner is granted sole custody, then the other individual will likely need to pay a certain amount every month in child support. Your lawyers and the judge will determine what a fair amount to pay is.

Domestic Violence

This is a difficult topic to bring up within a family, but Bolingbrook family lawyers want everyone to be safe. It is important to remember that abuse is not always physical. Neglecting basic needs can also be considered a form of abuse as well as emotional abuse. If someone in your household is experiencing violence from another family member, then action needs to be taken for everyone’s well-being. For example, restraining orders can be sought.


Preparing to adopt can be an exciting time in any family’s life. However, the process to adopt a child is very complex. There is a lot of paperwork to be filled out, and if you want to adopt a kid as soon as possible, then you need to ensure all these documents are filed accurately and on time. In the event you need to go to court for an adoption hearing, an attorney can help represent you and your interests.

There is a lot of good Bolingbrook family lawyers can do for you and your family. If you would like to learn more about any of the services offers by family attorneys, most firms offer consultations.