Does a Recalled Vehicle Count Under the Texas Lemon Laws When It Fails?

by | Jan 29, 2021 | Lawyers

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Lemon Laws exist to protect consumers against bad cars. Every state has its Lemon Law lawyer and Texas is no exception. If you live in Texas, and you have had a car fail to operate very shortly after you have purchased it, it might count under the Lemon Laws in Texas. Of course, if it is a recalled make and model, the rules might be a little different. Here’s what a Lemon Law lawyer in Texas has to say about recalled vehicles and Lemon Laws.

Application of the Law Prior to Recall

The Lemon Laws in Texas apply to vehicles that do not function properly and cannot be repaired or restored to proper functioning within a year of purchase. Quite often, these incidents occur before a vehicle make and model is recalled by the manufacturer for repeat issues. If your make and model of vehicle is recalled while you have it in the shop for repairs, a switch in the application of the law may occur.

Application of the Law After a Recall

Things operate in a slightly different manner after a manufacturer recalls a make and model of vehicle. The company is acknowledging that the vehicle has problems and that it wants to take back every last vehicle of that particular make and model to remove the potential for harm and/or lawsuits. If your vehicle has been recalled, the Lemon Law doesn’t completely apply, although you can still choose to have it fixed to proper working order. If you would like to know more about how this law works, contact us.

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