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A Drug Defense Lawyer in Chandler, AZ Tells Clients What They Are up Against

If an individual gets arrested for the possession of use of drugs in Arizona, they will face some serious consequences. Such consequences include heavy fines and jail time. Most people already know that drugs like heroin, cocaine and crack are automatically going to get them in trouble. However, many have not considered that prescribed drugs will fall into this category as well. Drugs such as oxycodone and morphine could easily get the user in legal trouble if they are in possession of them illegally or if they sell planned to sell them to someone else.

There is a drug defense lawyer in Chandler, AZ who helps clients with their drug-related charges. The potential outcome depends on the classification of the drug they are charged with. In Arizona, there are three classes of drugs: dangerous drugs, narcotics, and marijuana. Examples of some of the dangerous drugs are LSD, methamphetamines, steroids, and ecstasy. The simple possession of these drugs carries penalties of six months of jail time and a fine of up to $2,500. The charge is considered a Class 1 misdemeanor.

Examples of narcotics include, but are not limited to: oxycodone, percocet, morphine, cocaine, heroin, and opium. This possession charge is considered a Class 5 felony. The defendant could be looking at 18 months in prison. Marijuana charges can actually be more severe, although the drug is not as addictive. Possession of marijuana is a Class 6 felony. The defendant could be charged with a year in prison. If any of the drug charges are first offenses, defendants might be able to get a deferred prosecution. This is to give the defendant a second chance to correct himself or herself.

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