Escaping an Abusive Marriage: It’s Possible With a Lawyer’s Help

by | Sep 10, 2019 | Law Firm

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Divorces are stressful and painful for all parties involved. For someone who has experienced domestic violence, a divorce can be a real nightmare. Family violence is a common problem in Texas, and an abusive partner is often unwilling to let go. However, with careful planning and help from a San Antonio domestic violence lawyer, escape is possible.

Children Affected By Family Violence

A child who experiences and witnesses domestic violence may feel the effects for life. A boy who grows up in such an environment may be more likely to become an abuser himself, while a girl is more likely to become a victim. To break the cycle, it’s important to remove the children from these situations and obtain custody orders that protect them from further abuse. Your domestic violence lawyer will give advice that’s specific to your case and will recommend the next steps to take.

Abuse Signs Can Be Very Subtle

Most people believe that domestic abuse is confined to acts of violence, but that’s not always the case. Verbal and emotional abuse can be just as frightening as physical violence. Emotional abuse often starts out small, but incidences gradually increase until an abuser has complete control over the victim. The victim should document any abuse he or she suffers, as it will help a San Antonio domestic violence lawyer build a case in court.

How a Domestic Violence Lawyer Can Help

Divorces are never easy, and when you have to handle that process at the same time as you’re leaving an abusive relationship, it becomes much more difficult. A domestic violence lawyer, along with others who have experience helping victims of family violence, can be valuable allies during this difficult time.

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