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Evidence You Can Gather After a Personal Injury in Macon, GA

Every day, people suffer from personal injuries. These cases are ones where the person is injured because of the negligence of another person or a business. When a personal injury in Macon, GA happens, the first thing the victim should do is seek medical attention. After that, they’ll want to speak with a lawyer about their case. In the meantime, they may want to start gathering evidence.

A Record of What Happened

The victim should write down exactly what happened as soon as possible after the accident. This is crucial in order to ensure they don’t forget exactly what happened and any of the details. The more they can write down, the better. They will want to state how the accident occurred, what the weather was like at the time if applicable, if there were any witnesses and anything else they can remember.

Photos Where Possible

If it’s possible for the victim to take photos at the scene, they should do that. They should keep multiple copies of the photos to ensure none are lost before negotiations with the responsible party. They can keep a hard copy of the photos, keep an SD card with the photos, upload them to the cloud, and give a copy to their lawyer.

Medical Records and Official Reports

The victim will have medical records showing exactly how they were injured and what they need for recovery. There may also be other official reports such as a police report. All of this can help the lawyer prove what caused the accident, how the injuries occurred, and why their client needs to be compensated for their injuries. Keep a copy of any official records and give one to the lawyer handling the case.

Witness Information

If the victim is able to get the contact information for any witnesses to the accident, they will want to save that information for their lawyer. They do not need to contact the witness on their own. Their lawyer will speak with the witnesses to get their statements.

If you’ve suffered a personal injury in Macon, GA, gather as much of the information here as possible and speak with a lawyer about your case. They’ll work to help you obtain compensation for your injuries so you can financially recover from the situation. Visit to learn more or to find a lawyer to work with.

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