Finding a Lawyer to Help the Average Person Understand Workers Compensation Law in Twin Falls, ID

by | Dec 19, 2018 | Workers Compensation

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A lot of people have workplace injuries or illnesses and are usually able to navigate the workers’ compensation process without much difficulty. However, there are times when there is a breakdown in the system and, the injured employee is unable to get fair treatment regarding receiving the workers’ compensation benefit. Such a person in Idaho may want to find a lawyer to help simplify the understanding of workers compensation law in Twin Falls ID. Here are some things the average person may not understand about workers’ compensation law in Idaho.

Basic Understanding of Workers’ Compensation Law

When an injured employee is denied workers’ compensation, understanding why can often be confusing and frustrating, especially if the employee feels the claim is legitimate. If the injured employee has reported the injury or illness within 60 days of the injury or illness and has filed the claim within the year of the accident, there shouldn’t be a problem receiving the benefit. A workers’ compensation attorney can help the injured employee interpret the flow of everything that has happened or is going on.

More Understanding about Workers’ Compensation Law

Even in the most obvious workers’ compensation claim cases, an employee can still be denied for some reason, and the matter will have to be brought before the Idaho Industrial Commission. A formal complaint will have to be filed, and the Idaho Industrial Commission will establish a hearing date for the denied employee. At this time, the employee may want to secure an attorney who can at least interpret what the best approach should be for the matter. Information, such as the employee’s testimony and expert medical testimony will be heard at this time.

Getting an Attorney in Twin Falls, Idaho

When the time comes for the actual hearing of the complaint, the employee will want to ensure that the best representation possible will be there. The Gariepy Law Offices is a law firm that offers representation for employees who have been denied their rightful workers’ compensation claims in Twin Falls, Idaho. If there are any individuals who need an attorney who understands Workers Compensation Law in Twin Falls ID, the lawyers at the firm are available. They invite potential clients to “browse our website” for more information.

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