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How a Foreclosure Attorney in Lawrence, KS Can Help a Client

Most people don’t buy a house outright but will end up getting a mortgage for twenty, twenty-five, or thirty years. Having a bill for that length of time can easily find the debtor in a situation of getting behind and possibly going into a foreclosure situation. A foreclosure attorney in Lawrence, KS advises and represents clients who are in danger of losing their homes through foreclosure. Here are some things that clients should understand concerning the foreclosure process in Kansas.

Understanding the Foreclosure Process in Kansas

The term foreclosure is not something any homeowner looks forward to receiving, and may usually cause the homeowner to go into panic mode when the notice comes. When the lender wants to foreclose, the state court will be petitioned to file a lawsuit against the borrower, giving the homeowner 21 days to respond to the petition if personally served. If the petition is a public notification, the homeowner will have 41 days to respond to it, but they should seek legal advice from an attorney in any case. If the homeowner wants to reinstate the mortgage before the foreclosure sale, there will have to be a clause in the contract.

More About the Foreclosure Process in Kansas

Other legal issues that the homeowners will have to be concerned about include the right of redemption, which is 12 months after the foreclosure sale in Kansas. Depending on whether or not the homeowners abandoned the property, the time of redemption may be shortened and could be as little as three months. A homeowner can easily get overwhelmed by the red tape that sometimes comes up in dealing with a foreclosure, so getting an attorney will help.

An Attorney to Call in Lawrence, Kansas

When it is apparent that a foreclosure may be looming, a homeowner needs to seek out an experienced attorney quickly to solve the problem. Joseph I. Wittman is an attorney in the Lawrence, Kansas area who helps clients with foreclosure issues. If any individual is in need of a foreclosure attorney in Lawrence, KS, this attorney is available. For more information, visit Website Domain.