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Four Tips on How to Navigating the Federal SSI System in Knoxville

SSI stands for supplemental security income; it is a federal program. An SSI disability attorney in Knoxville, TN helps people navigate the mazes of this complex system. The administrators deny many claims, but there are legal specialists who understand the procedures and can assist you in getting your case approved or through the appeals process.


The Social Security Department (SSD) has rigid requirements that an applicant must meet to qualify for this supplement. It begins with a medical exam, which should focus on the specific ailment or mental disorder. The problem must be severe enough that it will cause death or inhibit an individual’s livelihood for at least one year. The SSD publishes a list of conditions that they consider impactful.


An applicant will need to prove they are unable to perform in their current job or in other fields. It is not enough to show that you cannot do your current work because of your condition. The SSD will want to see that you cannot do any other type of work within reason.


This government bases this assistance on financial need. People who apply will have to disclose their financial holdings. If an individual is married, the government will consider the couple’s income and assets.


Going to an administrative hearing can be very difficult for an ill person. Individuals can prepare themselves for the process by visiting with an SSI disability attorney in Knoxville, TN first. The legal team will let you know what will happen at the hearing. For more information on how to apply for SSI, contact Drozdowski & Rabin, PLLC today.