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Frequently Asked Questions About Metro Accidents in Upper Marlboro

Being involved in an accident while either the passenger on a bus or being hit by a bus can be a horrifying experience. Serious injuries and even death are not uncommon outcomes. This is why an experienced and aggressive legal firm is needed in the event these types of incidents occur. Here are a few frequently asked questions and their answers in regards to Metro Accidents in Upper Marlboro.
Q. If a person or their loved ones is hurt in a bus accident, who gets sued?

A. This really all depends on who is at fault. If the accident is caused by the driver of the bus, a lawsuit can be filed against the company that owns the bus. If the driver of another vehicle is found to be at fault, that driver can be sued individually.

Q. Does a lawsuit for Metro Accidents in Upper Marlboro have to be filed within a specified time period?

A. There are variable factors when it comes to the specifics of filing a claim but, generally speaking, a no-fault claim must be filed within six months of the accident. If a suit for pain and suffering is going to be filed, this should be done within six years from the date of the accident.

Q. If a pedestrian is hit by a bus and injured or killed, what suit can be filed and against whom should it be filed?

A. Instances such as this require an extensive investigation to determine who is at fault in regards to Metro Accidents in Upper Marlboro. While the fault may lie with the driver, it also may be found a car that was parked illegally impeded the view of the bus driver or the actions of a passenger car caused the driver to swerve, and this caused the accident. Reporting the accident and hiring an attorney immediately should be the first and foremost action taken.

Q. Is hiring an attorney absolutely necessary?

A. While a person can certainly take legal action and file claims by themselves, these cases can be filled with specifics that are best travailed by experienced attorneys such as those at Jaklitsch Law Group.