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Get Crucial Help from a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Mobile, AL

While some work environments cause a greater risk for injury, anyone can be injured on the job, no matter what type of position they hold. If a person is injured on the job, they need to contact their employer and inform them as soon as possible. The employer is held responsible for starting the claim with the insurance company so the process of filing for workers’ compensation cannot begin until the employer has been informed. Many workers end up dealing with too much stress in the process and need help from a workers’ compensation attorney in Mobile, AL.

It is important one reports their injury to their employer as soon as possible. Although the time limit varies by state, most require a person to report their injury within thirty days. Once the initial report has been made, the insurance company will typically require a person to go through an independent medical examination. An injured worker has no choice in this. Unfortunately, the doctors that carry out these examinations have been carefully chosen by the insurance company, so they typically lean more heavily towards being favorable to the insurer.

If an injured worker does not properly comply with the demands of the insurer, they can often be denied their benefits. Whether a victim is getting the runaround or their claim has been denied, it is important they seek help from a workers’ compensation attorney in Mobile, AL. An attorney can represent an injured worker and make sure their rights are protected as they pursue their claim.

In some cases, an appeal hearing is necessary for a favorable outcome. During these hearings, an administrative law judge presides over the proceedings and determines the final outcome. A victim is not required to pay their attorney unless they win their claim and receive their benefits.

If you have been seriously injured on the job and feel you are being given the runaround from your employer or their insurance company, an attorney can help. Contact Gene T. Moore and allow his office to schedule you an appointment so you can get started on getting the legal help you need.