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There Are Good Reasons Why You Should Hire A Workers Compensation Lawyer

If you are injured at work or you contact a work related illness you may be eligible to receive benefits from your employers workers comp insurers. It is most unfortunate but often perfect legitimate claims are denied by the employer as well as the insurance company involved. When this happens many people will give up while others will make an effort to work their way through the complicated appeals process.

If your benefits are denied, a Chicago workers compensation lawyer should be consulted; a good lawyer can give a far better chance at mounting a successful appeal than you can do. The attorney knows from experience how to deal with the insurance company as well as gather supporting evidence, negotiate a settlement and if necessary, represent your interests when your appeal reaches the hearing stage.

Don’t think for a moment that the insurance company is looking out for you, they are not. They have no qualms about rejecting your claim. Rely on a seasoned workers comp lawyer to fight the battle for you.

Developing evidence to support your claim:

The biggest reason for denial of a workers comp claim is insufficient evidence to support it. A lawyer can gather medical records, obtain opinions from qualified medical experts and get recommendations for treatment from qualified physicians.

There are types of evidence that can greatly enhance your claims. Opinions from vocational experts about the physical requirements that are necessary to do your job can be very helpful as can evidence of negligence on the part of the employer when it comes to lack of training or ignoring good safety practices.

Negotiating a settlement:

With considerable experience in workers comp cases, a Chicago workers compensation lawyer has a far better idea of what a claim is worth than you would. Based on your injuries and how the injuries limit your abilities as well as the forecasted cost of future medical care your lawyer can comfortably negotiate a settlement that reflects the worth of your case.

Workers compensation laws are complex. If you are injured on the job and you are denied proper and equitable compensation you should hire a seasoned Chicago workers compensation lawyer. You are invited to discuss your case with Shea Law Group. Follow us on Google+.