Help Obtaining Social Security Benefits in Bellingham, WA

by | Sep 6, 2017 | Personal Injury

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Applying for Social Security benefits in Bellingham, WA is a complicated process. Common mistakes may lead to rejection of the claim. Gathering all the documents and evidence required to support a claim can be confusing and overwhelming. Attempting to do it without help can prolong an already lengthy process.

The Social Security Administration commonly denies valid disability claims. In that case, there are hearings to prepare for, appeals to file, and the need for a strong advocate for personal rights. That is why the wisest thing to do is to hire an experienced lawyer to help with the whole process. Advice on disability options, help with filling out the paperwork, and advocating for client rights are services to expect from a lawyer.


People can apply for partial disability benefits or full benefits Understanding the difference between the two options can improve chances of success. Those who can work at some level will be denied full benefits, but may be approved for partial benefits.


Advocating for yourself can be difficult, especially if people are not familiar with the rules or requirements for approval. A lawyer with experience in Social Security benefits in Bellingham, WA can provide strong advocacy on behalf of clients. Knowing the rights of those who apply for disability will make a difference in how arguments are presented.

When to Contact a Lawyer

Since most applications are denied automatically, it is smart to contact a lawyer when considering applying for benefits. A free consultation can help people determine if they meet the qualifications for disability benefits. Applying when minimum qualifications are not met is a waste of time. People thinking of seeking benefits can click here for detailed information.

If a claim has been denied, definitely contact a lawyer. The professional can review the application, explain the letter of denial, and help re-apply for benefits, or appeal the decision. Those who have hesitated to contact a lawyer will want to do so prior to attending a hearing. Preparation is crucial and a lawyer will know what to expect during that procedure. Being confident and concise will help present the information and evidence in a manner that impresses those at the hearing. Visit the website for more information.

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