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How a Texas Attorney Can Help You After a Traumatic Brain Injury

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is one of the most common injuries incurred in a motor vehicle accident. It can cause several problems, such as issues sleeping, changes in mood, and an inability to remember the names of people or locations. It can also result in short-term or long-term memory loss, which may also contribute to changes in mood or your overall outlook on life.

A Texas traumatic brain injury attorney may be able to help you obtain compensation from whoever caused your injury. This may make it easier to pay medical bills, refurbish your home to make it easier to use or help recoup some of the wages lost because you can no longer work.

You may also be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits if the injury occurred on the job. Depending on the circumstances of your case, you may be able to receive payment even if you go back to work if you’re forced to accept a lower-paying job.

If you are eligible for a personal injury case, you’ll only receive compensation if you can prove that your injuries were caused by another party’s negligence. In a workers’ compensation case, you only have to prove that your injuries occurred while performing tasks for your employer and that you weren’t impaired when the accident happened.

If you incurred a TBI and need help, you can contact a Texas traumatic brain injury attorney at the firm of Van Wey, Metzler & Williams, PLLC, by visiting right away.