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How Bicycle Injury Lawyers in Avondale, AZ Can Help You with Your Accident

People who ride bicycles enjoy many riding privileges while on the road. A lot of states have bicycle lanes specifically for the riders. Arizona is one state that looks upon bicycle riders as motorists. Thus, they are treated as motorists on the road and must follow the rules of the road as would a car or motorcycle. In fact, there are other specific rules that apply to bicycles in Arizona. Following these rules are going to be very important if the cyclist gets into an accident. There are Bicycle Injury Lawyers in Avondale AZ who help clients involved in accidents. These are some specifics the clients need to know.

When involved in an accident while on a bicycle, the rider has two years from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit in an Arizona civil court. Failure to file within that time frame will result in the case not being heard. The injured cyclist will not be able to recover any damages. In that same vein, the other party could also attempt to prove that the cyclist was part to blame for the accident. This is called comparative negligence, and the injured party’s potential damages will be reduced by the percentage the cyclist was found at fault.

Bicycle accidents are common in Arizona, with over 1700 accidents with bicycles being recorded in 2014. Nearly 84 percent of those accidents resulted in injury to the cyclists. Nearly 30 of that number resulted in fatalities. This suggests that proactive plans need to be put into place to help reduce bicycle accidents. It is also an opportunity for many personal injury lawyers to have clients to represent.

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