How Can A Birth Injury Lawyer Help You And Your Newborn?

by | May 7, 2016 | Attorneys

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The birth of a new family member is by far, one of the most joyous and happy events of any parent’s life. Unfortunately, five out of every 1000 babies born in the US have birth related injuries. This is an inexcusable situation; babies deserve the absolute best care. It is the job of doctors, nurses and other health care personnel to ensure that babies get the absolute best care, but, people do make errors, errors that can cause birth complications.

There are numerous reasons why birth related injuries occur; they include fractures, asphyxia, brain injuries and injuries to the neck and upper back. When birth injuries do occur the parents should give serious thoughts to hiring a birth injury lawyer in Detroit and sue for redress.

How can a birth injury lawyer help?

Your birth injury lawyer helps you to understand what legal rights you, as the parents, have. The lawyer will work closely with the parents to ensure that they have the best possible chances of winning the case. But before this, the birth injury lawyer in Detroit must agree that you have a valid case in the first place. Once it has been decided that the case is indeed valid, the lawyer will begin the pre-litigation process which involves the collection of evidence, documents and a list of witnesses and expert witnesses.

As the lawyer continues to analyze the details of the case he or she may propose a settlement amount to the parents. If the parents agree but the defendant does not, then litigation proceeds. At this time your lawyer will file a case in court. Bear in mind that your case could be settled at any time during litigation, often the defense attorneys will suggest a settlement conference.

Regardless of whether the case is settled out of court or goes in front of a judge and jury you can be assured that your birth injury lawyer in Detroit will fight for your rights and the rights of your injured baby. Contact website.

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