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How To Get 24 Hour Bail Bonds In Oklahoma City

In Oklahoma, criminal defendants use bail bonds to get out of jail and return home until their trial. Bonding agents offer a wide variety of bail bonds to help the criminal defendants. The bonding agent explains all options available to defendants. Local services offer 24 Hour Bail Bonds in Oklahoma City.

Find All Information About the Defendant

The bail bondsman needs specific details about the defendant before starting the bail bonding process. The defendant’s full name, booking number, and the name of the jail are required first. The bonding agent acquires any additional information from the criminal court clerk if needed.

Choose the Right Bail Bond

The criminal defendant needs the right bail bond when getting released from jail. The type of crime for which the defendant is charged dictates what bond is needed. The bonds include federal bonds, traffic bonds, and immigration bonds. The bail bonding agent explains more details to the criminal defendant’s representative.

Pay All Related Fees

The representative pays all related fees associated with the bond. The standard fee is about 10% of the bail, but some bonding agents charge up to 14% for the bonds. The defendant or their representative provides a direct payment to the bonding agent. Cash, checks, and credit card payments are accepted. Collateral is used when the defendant doesn’t have enough money to pay for the bond.

Follow All Terms of the Release

The criminal defendant must follow all terms of the release as directed by the correctional officers. The terms include refraining from drinking alcohol or using controlled substances. For some, the defendants aren’t allowed to have contact with victims. Any violation of the terms leads to a new arrest and revocation of the bail bond.

In Oklahoma, criminal defendants seek assistance from bail bonding agents to get out of jail. The bonding agents provide a wide variety of bonds according to the crime for which the defendant is accused. The representative pays a fee to the bonding agent for the bail bond or provides collateral. Criminal defendants who want to know more about 24 Hour Bail Bonds in Oklahoma City contact their preferred Bondsman for more details now.