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How To Prevent Seniors From Falling Victim To Nursing Home Neglect In Bowie

Maryland families have the right to protect their seniors from abuse and neglect. These heinous crimes often lead to severe injuries or death in some cases. An attorney helps families who suspect that their senior is the victim of Nursing Home Neglect in Bowie.

Acquiring Evidence of Neglect

The first step for fighting against nursing home abuse or neglect is to collect evidence. The family should take the senior to a private doctor for evaluation. They should also collect photographic evidence of any bruising, bedsores, or cuts. The family should acquire copies of any medical records produced for these allegations. The doctor will need to testify in court once a trial or hearing date is scheduled.

Reporting Neglect to the Authorities

After evidence is secured, the family should notify law enforcement and file formal charges against the nursing home. Law enforcement officers can investigate these allegations and identify the individuals who are responsible for the senior’s injuries. Once identified, law enforcement will arrest the perpetrators.

Law enforcement may also investigate the potential for further victims. They may contact families of seniors in the facility to determine if they have become victims of Nursing Home Neglect in Bowie as well. These families are encouraged to come forward and help law enforcement with these efforts.

Removing the Senior From the Nursing Facility

At any time, the family of the senior may sign them out of the nursing home. It is not up to the nursing home how long the senior may remain with the family. If the family finds evidence of neglect or abuse, they have the legal right to remove the senior from the facility altogether. If necessary, they can acquire help from law enforcement if the staff refuses to release the senior.

Maryland families must take action quickly if they suspect nursing home neglect or abuse. Too often perpetrators may take these crimes a step further to cover up their actions. This could result in the death of the senior due to alleged accidents. Families who suspect Nursing Home Neglect in Bowie should contact Jaklitsch Law Group for further details about fighting back against these facilities.