Hurt in a Big Truck Accident? Make Sure You Talk to a Truck Accident Lawyer in Philadelphia

by | Jun 28, 2016 | Accident Lawyer

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Dealing with an automobile accident is stressful enough, but when dealing with an accident caused by a big truck, the stress can be much greater. Of course, due to the tremendous size of a tractor-trailer, it makes sense that the damages and injuries caused by the accident may be much more severe, but many are surprised to find out after an accident with a large truck it’s much harder to prove liability. Most large truck companies have attorneys and investigators on the scene almost immediately doing everything in their power to minimize the liability of their client and pointing the blame back to the injured and innocent victim.

An attorney that handles car accident cases is familiar with the automobile laws that all drivers must follow, but a truck accident lawyer in Philadelphia knows the additional laws that commercial truck drivers must follow. Laws that stipulate how many hours the driver can be on the road before taking a break, laws that govern how heavy a load the truck can carry, and even laws laying out a specific route the driver must take, avoiding certain roads that could be dangerous. If any of these laws are not followed, the driver can be additionally cited and, most likely, held responsible for the accident.

Understandably, big truck accident investigations can be more involved than those of a car accident. Because of commercial regulations that must be considered when investigating a big truck accident, it’s recommended victims consult an attorney familiar with these specific laws, such as a truck accident lawyer in Philadelphia. Lawyers such as this can be easily found online at websites like Website Domain. These lawyers deal with big truck accidents frequently and understand the necessity of the complex investigations and the sometimes ruthless legal teams representing the trucking companies.

Of course, all drivers big and small must use due diligence when on the road, especially when sharing the road with big trucks. Understandably, the large rigs are slower to accelerate, slower coming to a stop, and need more space to maneuver turns or parking. Because of this, it’s important to always be aware of all vehicles in the vicinity when traveling on the road and always be ready to make accommodations when necessary. It’s up to everyone to stay safe.

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