Know When to Hire an Alabama Social Security Disability Lawyer

by | Feb 3, 2022 | Law Firm

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Becoming disabled is not something that you anticipate happening in your life. However, a brief moment in time can change your ability to work. If this happens, knowing what to expect from an SSD lawyer consultation in Alabama can ease some of your worries.

Just know that the Social Security tax withholdings from your paycheck are there when you face unfortunate circumstances. If hiring a disability lawyer is something you are considering, it helps to understand the benefits of having legal experience on your side.

Why Hire an SSD Lawyer?

While it is true that you can apply for SSD on your own, your chances of being approved increase significantly with a lawyer. This is one of the most important reasons to hire an SSD lawyer.

How an SSD Attorney Helps Your Case

From the initial application filing to the hearing, an SSD lawyer consultation in Alabama pays off. A lawyer understands how to present your case favorably. Additionally, a disability lawyer can present facts that show your condition is a listed impairment.

If there is an appeal, the lawyer submits relevant medical evidence and will prepare you for questions during the hearing.

When to Contact a Disability Lawyer

Generally, the sooner you contact a disability lawyer, the better it could be for your case. Even if you have not decided whether to file, a lawyer can help you evaluate the strengths and potential weaknesses of your case.

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