Learn What to Bring to a Consultation with a Personal Injury Lawyer in Dayton, OH

by | Sep 26, 2016 | Lawyers

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When a person is injured due to the negligence of another person or business, they may be entitled to compensation for their injuries. However, it isn’t always easy for the person to obtain the full amount they’re entitled to. In these cases, they’ll want to speak with a personal injury lawyer in Dayton, OH. Before the first visit, they should be prepared.

Police Reports or Similar Documents

If there was any official report of the accident or an event notice created by the police department, the person should have a copy of that if possible. They should also have any other official documents concerning the accident as they could be helpful in determining the compensation amount.

Insurance Information

They will need to have their own insurance information if applicable and the insurance information for the at-fault party (if available). The lawyer is going to need this information to determine who is liable for paying the compensation.

Written Outline of the Incident

The person should jot down an outline of the accident and include everything they can remember from before the accident, when the accident happened, and what’s happened since the incident. This can include what medical appointments they’ve had since the accident or anything they might know that could be relevant.

Any Expenses or Bills from the Incident

The person will want to have copies of any bills or expenses related to the accident. This includes medical bills, repair bills for damaged items, and even lost wages while they recover from the accident. They may also want to have a list of any other expenses they’ve had which they don’t have a bill for yet and the approximate amount of those expenses.

These are just the basics a person should have before they speak with a personal injury lawyer in Dayton, OH for the first time. They’re going to want to make sure they have everything organized before the visit, so it’s easier for the lawyer to review everything. If they don’t have everything, that’s fine, but they should try to have as much as possible. Visit Business Name today to learn more.

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