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Managing A Domestic Violence Case With A Criminal Law Attorney In Naples

In Florida, domestic violence involves individuals who live or have lived in the same household. It includes but isn’t limited to couples, parents, children, and siblings. The classification increases the penalties for assault and battery or any other form of bodily harm. A Criminal Law Attorney in Naples assists individuals who are facing the charges.

The Terms of the Defendant’s Release

Typically, the terms of the defendant’s release state the defendant aren’t allowed to return to the home until after their trial. The stipulations are in place to prevent the defendant from having contact with the victim. If the defendant doesn’t abide by the terms of their release, the defendant is arrested, and their bond is revoked. They remain in the county jail until their court date.

Protection Orders and Avoiding Additional Charges

A protection order is issued when the victim is in danger. If their attack was brutal, and the court believes that the victim is at further risk, the court order is issued. It prohibits the attacker from having any form of contact with the victim. It also encompasses more areas the victim visits often. The defendant cannot send text messages, emails, or attempt to call the victim. If they do, additional charges are applied.

When Both Parties are Arrested

When each party is arrested, they have the option to drop the charges against each other. Each party faces the same criminal charges and penalties for domestic violence if the charges aren’t dropped.

Potential Penalties and Outcomes

The potential penalties for domestic violence start with a maximum of one year in the county jail. The court will also apply a fine of around $2,500. If the victim is a child, the defendant could lose custody or visitation rights. In more severe cases, the defendant could lose their parental rights altogether.

In Florida, domestic violence charges could lead to jail sentences, hefty fines, and could affect child custody arrangements. Protection orders are often provided if the victim remains at risk, and some courts relocate the victim for their protection. Defendants who are facing domestic violence charges can contact a Criminal Law Attorney in Naples at the Law Office Of James W. Chandler P.A.